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3-Tier Continuous Access

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3-Tier Continuous Access

We are currently designing a new infrastructure for one of our customers.

We would like to build 3 datacenters. 2 datacenters will be based on Site1 and one datacenter will be based on Site2.

We would like to replicate EVA1 (Site1) synchronous to EVA2 (Site1) and afterwards replicate the EVA2 asynchronous to EVA3 (Site2).

Is this possible? Can you replicate a replica LUN to another EVA?

Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: 3-Tier Continuous Access

No, this is currently not possible with EVA but with XP20000 or XP24000.

With EVA what you can do today is:
EVA 1 - CA - EVA2 - BC Snaplone - CA - EVA3
But this is a one time 3rd replica only.

See the CA EVA planning guide on docs.hp.com

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