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3G SAS Blade Switch - D2700 compatibility

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3G SAS Blade Switch - D2700 compatibility

Quick question :


Current customer has c7000 with a few BL460c blades connected to and MSA2324sa via the 3G SAS Blade Switch (AJ864A).


He wants to add 2 more BL460c (G8) Blades with a D2700 direct attach, ie completely separated from the MSA.


A) Can the Switch support 2 different disk systems? Zoning ?

B) Are there any incompatibilities you can see ?


For info the HBA in the BL460c G8 will be the Smart Array P721m/2GB (650072-B21).


Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: 3G SAS Blade Switch - D2700 compatibility

Hi SyntaXT,


After your response the client purchased the equipment.


BTW the first 2 links turn up nothing in my browser ???


Unfortunately, neither he nor I can get it to work. I have been called in to try to resolve the problem.


The zoning, as far as I'm aware, should be disk bay. The SAS switches are in Mutli-initiator mode in order to allow some blades talk to the MSA2324sa through them.


When selecting disk bay zoning we can see all the disk bays by it states that they are empty, however some of them are populated with disks, 10 of them in fact.


Am I missing something in the configuration ?


I wanted to see if it was possible to daisy-chain the D2700 behind the MSA2324sa but apparently thats not possible I beleive, unless I'm mistaken. I was a document about "upgrading" to P2000 G3 MSA but the documents are vague about that. Is it a new chassis with controllers or can I replace the existing controllers of the MSA2324sa with the P2000 G3 MSA ?


Lots of questions and this is becoming a hot potato for us, any chance someone could chime in quickly ?


I appreciate your help.