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3si in a LH3

Craig Carl
Occasional Visitor

3si in a LH3

I have a Netraid 3si card in a LH3 with 1 drive cage populated w/6 drives. I configured the RAID array, initialized the drives and formated. I rebooted to the Windows CD, installed Server 2000 on the new RAID array and rebooted. I now get the error 'Couldn't open boot partition to read signature' and then the box boots to the CD again. I have confirmed that the drive array is attached to the 3si card. Any suggestions? Thanks
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: 3si in a LH3


Try disabling the onboard netraid in the setup.
Take a look at the netserver w2k installation guide for hints&tips:
Use the LH3 driver diskette for W2K:
Which BIOS does the LH3 has? download the latest at:

Hope this helps.