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4200 and smart start 7.6

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4200 and smart start 7.6

Trying to set up a ML570 server with the 7.6 Smart Start disc on a Smart Array 4200 controller. Drive A has one 18GB and five 36GB hard drives and Drive B has the same set up. Was thingking of mirroring the two 18's for the base OS install, creating a raid 5 out of one set of the 36 HD's and mirroring that raid set to the other five 36GB HD's. First, is this possible with the 7.6 smart start CD? Will be trying to set up several virtual servers on this box. Do you think this is the best option or should I just take all of the 36GB HD's and create one BIG raid 5 to slap everything else in? This will not be a critical production server. Any input would be appreciated.
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Re: 4200 and smart start 7.6

Hello Tommy,

If its the ML570 G1,then SSCD 7.60 is not supported.SmartStart 7.x assisted installation supports servers that have RBSU.

ML570 G2 n G3 should be supported.

You may want to use SSCD 5.50 http://h18023.www1.hp.com/support/files/server/us/download/22678.html

After installing OS,install latest PSP.

Your first option sounds much better in terms of performance and redundancy,so stick to it.
However i have'nt implemented raid 50,so if you are sure about the howto part of it, go for it.

If you are planning to install VMware to implement virtualization,ensure you have sufficient memory since its a memory hogger.

As a better practice,update all ROM's (server/smart array controller) before installing OS.

Good luck,

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Re: 4200 and smart start 7.6

Thanks for your reply. Your right about the 7.6 and the ML570. Thanks for pointing that out. After running thru the set up a few times in my head, I think I'm going to go ahead and just make one big raid drive, since I don't really need that much fail safe protection. Thanks again for your reply.