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4250es Transfer speed

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

4250es Transfer speed


We have a number of Proliant 8000 servers. They are all configured identically. In insight manager the disks connected to the 4250es array card are registered for the most part at "Ultra 20MTS" however on two of the 8000s the disks on the 4250es cards are registered at "Fast 10MTS".

All of the disks in all of the servers are Ultra3.

Working with one of the "10 MTS" servers I have updated the system bios, and the array bios. NT has the latest drivers. Insight has the latest management agents.

I would of thought that the 4250es would be able to run the disks at Ultra2 40MTS, but at the very least why would these two 8000 servers only be at 10MTS when identical servers are at 20MTS.