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431 extension/expansion workaround?

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

431 extension/expansion workaround?

I have a Proliant 1600 Server 384 meg ram. Presently running a 221 raid controller. All upgraded with SS 4.80
Raid 5 array, 3 drives. wideultra 2.

On advice from tech support we purchased a 431 controller as an upgrade as it supported both array expansion and logical drive extension.
We have since come to find out that the initial array must have been created on the 431 raid controller to allow these features.
In speaking with some support people, we have a proposed work around for this type of situation.
Backups should be done as advised by Compaq.
1. install the 431 controller and drivers.
2. remove the 221 controller.
3. attach the raid array from the 221 controller to the 431 controller.
4. fail one of the drives in the array.
This is the proposed part
5. insert new drive, the 431 will rebuild it as a 431 raid array would have been built on a new array, not as a 221 controller (the old controller)

Since it cannot have only one drive with this configuration, all the drives in the array will be updated to have an additional 5 meg each reserved for the Raid controller. This is made possible because the new drive has enough room to get the ball rolling for the configurations. I am told the controller is smart enough to do the job and modify the rest of the drives to allow the configuration to be complete and theroretically error free.

Please, if anyone has any information or tried this procedure, let me know.

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: 431 extension/expansion workaround?

I have the same situation. I tried the workaround you described. Don't worry, failing and replacing on line the drive is a safe job. But when I tried to expand the array, ACU is still saying that it cannot expand it because it was made with a different controller!! ARGH.
Now I'm gonna call Compaq support...