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4Si RAID Implementation on SC10 Disk Array

Harinath N
Frequent Advisor

4Si RAID Implementation on SC10 Disk Array


In our N4000 server running HP-UX 11.0, we wanted to configure RAID (level 5). For this, we have the following on the Hardware side,

1. HP A5856A RAID 4Si PCI 4-Channel Ultra2 SCSI
Controller Card
2. SC10 Array(LVD Interface) with 2 Bus Controller Cards
3. 8*36 GB disks
4. VHDCI Ultra SCSI Cable and Terminators

In the Software side, we have

1. 4Si driver(iop_drv)
2. IRM software
3. 3 patches(as per 4Si Release Notes)
PHKL_22030, PHKL_22494, PHKL_22941

Is all the required software and hardware are there for going ahead with the RAID implementaion?

Also, whether its possible to have an alternate path access to the disks(or
to the VG's) in the SC10 array. This is to ensure the data availabilty, if there is any
failure in one of the SC10 Bus Controller Card.
If so, how to configure the alternate path access in this particular SC10 case?.

Please guide me in the above case.

Thanks and Regards,
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: 4Si RAID Implementation on SC10 Disk Array

As far as patches goes, you need to have at least the SEPT 2001 patches installed, and then go from there.

As for alternate paths, look at the man pages for vgcreate (SNIPLET):

/usr/sbin/vgcreate [-f] [-A autobackup] [-x extensibility] [-e max_pe] [-l max_lv] [-p max_pv] [-s pe_size] [-g pvg_name] vg_name pv_path ...

vgcreate recognizes the following options and arguments: pv_path

The block device path name of a physical volume that will be assigned to the new volume group. You can specify physical volume links (pv-links) for a physical volume providing different paths that reference the same physical volume in the pv_path list. The order in which the paths are listed is important. The first path becomes the primary link to the physical volume, the second becomes an alternate link to the physical volume. The primary link is the default path used to access the physical volume. If the primary link becomes unavailable, LVM automatically switches to the alternate link to access the physical volume. Currently LVM supports a maximum of 8 paths to a physical volume (7 alternate and one primary).

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