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4Si Raid card in L2000 just stopped working.


4Si Raid card in L2000 just stopped working.

6 months ago I installed an A5856A 4Si Raid controller into an L2000 server running HP-UX 11.00. The controller was plugged into two SC10 that were stuffed with 20 18Gig 15K drives. The performance was breathtaking....

Everything was working fine until about 3 weeks ago when the card no longer recognized any of the drives or the configuration. The card reported that one drive had failed and the rebuild of the hotspare also failed. After rebooting the system, several drives were reported missing by the 'irm' config utility and rescanning the system did not pick anything up.

We replaced the card, erased the configuration and restored 180 Gig from backup. This worked for about 3 days. HP suggested I install the new updated version of the 'irmd' 'irm' stuff and so I did. This locked up the new card and totally wiped out the configuration again.

I manually erased the configuration again and now the hard drives could not be seen by the controller at all. The lights on the drives indicated activity when they were being scanned by the card, but they did not show up on the controller. I downgraded the 'irmd' and 'irm' stuff, and still could not see the drives with the new card.

I now have the drives communicating through two SCSI channels and the performance has downgraded somewhat.

Has anyone else had issues with this raid controller card with HP-UX equipment? And did you have the same problems?

HP is still working on a fix for this, but any help you can shed would be appreciated.