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4si RAID Controller logical drive disappearing act

Tricia Sambrano
Frequent Advisor

4si RAID Controller logical drive disappearing act

I had 8 logical drives configured and working all the way through to mounted filesystems at a client (back in July). He calls me this past weekend to say that he can no longer see the logical drives and has already tried rebooting the server to no avail.
Upon investigating I do not see anything wrong with the array or disks. Everything from the irm perspective look online and optimal. The ioscan does not come up with the logical drive however.
One oddness: irdiag -i
Adapter Hardware Path: 1/8/0/1

Device File: /dev/iop0
Product ID: 467
Firmware Version: U.01.06
Number of Logical Drives Configured: 8
Maximum Concurrent Commands Supported: 254
Maximum Targets Supported per Channel: 0
Number of Channels: 4
Flush Interval: 4
Rebuild Rate: 30
Dram Size (Mb): 128
Battery Pack: Connected
Battery Status: Charging Completed
Battery Temperature: Good
Battery Voltage: Good

Note the "Maximum Targets" line. Everywhere else I look in documentation or other posts, I see 16.

Any ideas?

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