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4si scsi in halfbus mode...

K.C. Chan
Trusted Contributor

4si scsi in halfbus mode...

I have two 4si scsi card on an hpux (Lseries). This is intended to host our oracle data. The array is not fully loaded, it has 5 73Gbytes on each BCC. AFAIK, when using irm to configure the disks, I'm only seeing raid 0,3,and 5 available. Is this the only raid supported for this type of card running in halfbus mode?

On another note, assuming the above raid level, what would be best for my situation, raid5 or raid 1 + 0 (mirroring via lvm). I am thinking of raid 10, since I need to be fully redundant on the array. But I am concerned with the performance on it, since the mirror is done at software level. Has some one done this, and if so was the performance satisfactory? Thanks.
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Ron Lawson_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: 4si scsi in halfbus mode...

RAID 1 is available in irm when 2 disks are selected. You can also do RAID 1+0 with 4 or 6 disks, although the method to do it in irm is a little tricky. The user guide explains RAID 1+0 if you are interested. Go to docs.hp.com and search for A5856A.

You are correct that you can use MirrorDisk/UX to mirror one card's data to another, assuming the configuration sizes are the same.