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5300 array controller

Chuck Borschel
Occasional Visitor

5300 array controller

I am working on a Proliant ML370 server, RAID 5 with 3 drives, 5302 array controller. The server was built wrong with the System partition to small, only 5 gigs. I want to make this partition larger. Can I reconfigure the array without data loss.
Seth Parker
Trusted Contributor

Re: 5300 array controller

I know you can add to an array on Compaq array controllers, and you can use a Microsoft utility (Diskpart.exe) to grow your partition on that array. The only problem is that the MS utility needs the current partition and the free space to be contiguous. That could be a big problem for you.

Another option may be to use something like Partition Magic Pro to change your partition size.

Regardless, you need to take a backup or three before trying any of this.

Good luck!