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5300 causes drives to fail

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

5300 causes drives to fail

We have a similar problem on two different servers. At least once a week, and sometimes more often at least one hard drive will "fail" and cause the system to error on the logical drive. Even when a spare is configured the controller will not use it. We have to shut down the system and either replace the drive or just reboot the drive and on boot tell the system to do an autorebuild of the drive. So..the hot swap feature doesn't work and the 5300 controllers on both systems show the same problems even though the systems are entirely different. Both have the most recent firmware upgrades for the 5300 controller and the System BIOS.

Compaql DL360 with 5300 controller and external Disk Enclosure with 36 GB Ultra 3 drives running Windows 2000, sP2

Compaq ML530 with 5300 controller and two each internal drive bays with 18 GB Ultra 3 drives running Windows 2000, Sp2

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm thinking of going back to a 4200 controller!

Karen Elsbree