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5i controller & dual internal arrays

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

5i controller & dual internal arrays

Is it possible (& supported) to have both channels on the Smart Array 5i controller be internal? I'd like to hook up a ML370G2 with the Internal 2 bay Hot-Plug drive cage on one channel, and the standard 6 bay cage on the other. Also, is the 5i connected to a 33Mhz/32bit PCI bus?
Andrew Wheelhouse
Occasional Visitor

Re: 5i controller & dual internal arrays

The 5i is on a 33Mhz/32bit bus, so may not be the fastest array controller available! Maybe fit a 532 or better if performance is important. I'm not familar with the 370G2, just the 380G2.

In the past I've set up a 2DH as you are wanting to setup the 5i, using it in a Proliant 6000 to run the top two drive bays. I used a short external scsi cable to connect to an internal cable mounted in the rear of the server. The internal cable was from compaq, and seemed made for the job!
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: 5i controller & dual internal arrays


Yes, you can configure the optional 2-bay drive cage to run off the second channel of the 5i controller on the ML370G2.

There is a second scsi connector for the 5i on the systemboard.

The 5i runs on the primary PCI bus of the server, which is indeed 33MHz/32bit.

Hope that helps,

Janine Bertolo
HP Support Services
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