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6 Disks Failed On the DS2300

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6 Disks Failed On the DS2300


We have an rp7420 with a Raid 4Si card installed, connected to a DS2300
with 9 x 146Gb disks in full bus mode using only 1 controller from the
Raid 4Si card.

I have created two LUNs in raid 5 (3 HHD in raid 5 and 6 HHD in raid 5)
on the DS2300
when I do ioscan -fnC disk the device is visible .

After a reboot system, two volumes groups (VG01 and VG02) not active my
data doesnâ t work. I have problem to find the DS2300 in hpux, when I do a
ioscan -fnC disk , the device was not visible .
When I do ardiag â v 3 disks Online and 6 disks Failed.

I have to following message, look to attached file .

Best Regards

Said Hammoud
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Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: 6 Disks Failed On the DS2300


this looks quite bad :)

I don't have any experience on systems following the FC60, so I read through almost the whole log.

6 failed disks appear really rare to happen, unless there was some physical impact damaging them. (nothing short of hitting the array with a 500g hammer, I'd say)

You also currently have a rebuild running.

The most interesting part is, that all the failed disks are shown as good in the enclosure status, the other thing i noticed (more a conspiracy theory) is that all failed disks use the SCSI ID bits 1&2, so cabling and backplane could be very suspicious.

If possible, call in HP. with two LUNs lost and one almost gone, there must be something quite wrong and someone experienced will be good.

just talking about what I feel the reason to be: either some firmware problem just marked half the drives bad (ask mylex users on that one *g*) or You have a cable/backplane problem.

If You feel lucky, pull out one of the dead disks and find out if it's spinning and if it is recognized after reinserting. but please don't do that before the rebuilt is done!
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Re: 6 Disks Failed On the DS2300

I had a very bad experience with this RAID 4s1 card but that was with DS2100.

Problem was same and reoccureing in my case I used to refix the disks and thro irm i will make these disks online manually.It started working fine.Later after working with HP we have replaced the 4si card and ds2100 with ds2300.Then there were no issues at all.

The response what I got from hP is this particullar card marks some or other disks failed even if everything works fine.You can find out my query in the following link


I have not mentioned the controller replacement there but in real both were replaced

Mahesh Kumar Malik
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Re: 6 Disks Failed On the DS2300

Hi Said

Raid 4Si does not have good history. If you have hp-ux 11.11 install PHSS_27098 or for hp-ux 11.00 it is PHSS_27097.

Above patch has fixed several problem with 4Si

Good luck
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Re: 6 Disks Failed On the DS2300

Hi Mahesh

But In my case I even Applied the above patch but it didn't gave any result.But yes WE can try implementing this patch .

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Re: 6 Disks Failed On the DS2300

I think you have a filed card or enclosure.
Replace it. Get your disks online. Udate your patches an firmware for this device.