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64-bit/66-Mhz bus questions...

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

64-bit/66-Mhz bus questions...


We have a Compaq Proliant ML570, which has three buses:

- Primary Bus - 32-bit/33-Mhz (1 slot)
- Secondary Bus - 64-bit/33-Mhz (3 slots)
- Tertiary Bus - 64-bit/66-Mhz (2 slots)

We have (in addition to the standard built-in NIC on the server) have the following pieces of hardware:

- 2xNC3134 64-bit/66-Mhz NIC's
- 1x5302 SmartArray 64-bit/66-Mhz Array Controller card

My question is this:

Which cards should be placed where for optimal performance? Since there are only 2x64-bit/66-Mhz slots, then all 3 cannot be placed in the appropriate slots.

Should we place both NIC's in the 66-Mhz slots, or the Smart Array 5302, and what would the consequence of teaming a 66-Mhz NIC with a 33-Mhz NIC?

Life was so much easier with a 3200 Controller, but unfortunately, Compaq don't make these any more....


Nick King