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73 Gb Disks for DS2100

Trevor McKenzie_1
Occasional Advisor

73 Gb Disks for DS2100

I have a DS2100 disk array with A6539A (lvds) disks and wish to add A7285A (320) disks and include these new disks in the existing Volume groups, is this possible?
Trevor Roddam_1
Valued Contributor

Re: 73 Gb Disks for DS2100

Hello Trevor.

Yes this is possible.
The new U320 HDDs are a lot cheaper than buying the remarketed U160 HDDs too.

The only down side, if you can call it that, is than the new HDDs will have to run at U160.

This is due to DS2100 only running at up to U160. If you are using an U320 SCSI card to drive it then be careful of bus errors.
However, it sounds like this is on a PA-RISC system which probably has U160 or slower.

The DS2110 is the device for U320.

Have Fun.
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