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73GB Drive issue

David Fitzgerald_1
Occasional Contributor

73GB Drive issue

I have a Proliant 3000 (G09) which allows me to plug up to seven one inch drives into it. I also have a couple of Fibre Channel disk arrays of the same vintage (RA4000, RA4100).

I have numerous SCA-2 drives, most of which are between 4.3 and 36.4 GB. One of the drives is a Seagate Cheetah ST373405LCV, which is a 73GB, running 10K rpm, Ultra160, with a 16MB cache. Another is a Fujitsu MAN3735MC, which is also a U160 drive running at 10K, but with an 8MB cache.

The Fujitsu seems to be mountable anywhere, but the Seagate only mounts in the 3000 chassis. Inserting it in either of the disk arrays eventually tells me that the drive is bad. If I then reboot after placing the Seagate back in the Proliant chassis, it comes up fine. Can somebody give me an explanation and/or a way to rectify this? I'd prefer to replace my small drives with larger ones.
Leon Rosier
Respected Contributor

Re: 73GB Drive issue

36+ drives have never been supported in the RA4x00 enclosure, so it might work or not. At least make sure you have the RA4x00 upgraded to the latest firmware version. If this does not resolve the problem it will never work.