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A New MSA 1500 Setup?

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A New MSA 1500 Setup?


Last week our firm ordered for 1 MSA 1500, Two SAN Switches,2 RHEL Nodes for our entire project.Due to lack of Hardware and Network Engineer I have been asigned the work for the setup for Clustering.

All I can see it MSA 1500 contains Array 1000 being printed with 6 HArd Disk each of around 134 GB being printed on the front end of the controller.MSA 1500 has two box(correct me if I am wrong) in which one was displaying some status through some display board at front while other was loaded with Hard Disk of big GBs.
The Vendor connected the MSA to SAN Switch through some fibre channel and then the two cluster nodes with directly conection to SAN.

I can easily connect to SAN Switch directly and assign the IP therein.
But He was talking about something called ACU.
Which He brought already setup and created RAID 5 partition.
When i now run #cat /proc/partitions on my Linux Machine it says:
/dev/sda --> 1 TB
/dev/sdb --> 1 TB

Any idea what ACu and RAID 5 Configuration he would have done beforehand?

Pls Help



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Re: A New MSA 1500 Setup?

here you can find the documentation:
also for the linux environment
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Re: A New MSA 1500 Setup?

Any idea how can I do partition of MSA 1500 through fdisk for pri-quorum partition?Which Filesystem under fdisk i need to select?
Víctor Cespón
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Re: A New MSA 1500 Setup?

ACU is the Array Configuration Utility, it's the program used to create RAIDs and logical units on the MSA. Those logical units are the drives that the OS will see.

But, how many disks are on the MSA? 6 disks of 146 GB give you only 655 GB in RAID 5, not 2 TB.
If there's still free space on the MSA, you can create a new logical unit and it will appear on the servers.
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Re: A New MSA 1500 Setup?

Can I install ACU on my remote desktop and access it from here?

I was suggested using mkqdisk utility but its not there in my linux box?Wonder why not?

Anyway Can you send me the steps if ACU can be installed on my win box and can successfully create partitions therewith?
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Re: A New MSA 1500 Setup?

Current configuration:

MSA1500cs - raid configured
Cisco fiber switch which the MSA is directly attached.

Management server, Windows 2003 SP2 connected to the fiber switch.
I've installed the latest ACU on the management server, however on my other server which is a linux/vmware box which is connected to the fiber switch, but I can't see the storage (MSA).

Do I need to install the ACU on the linux box in order to utilize the storage on the MSA?????
Both HBA are approved HP.

Would like your suggestion please.