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A3311A Jamaica Drive hot swap?

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Quin Hammes_1
Occasional Advisor

A3311A Jamaica Drive hot swap?

I have a 4 gig disk going bad on a Jamaica array connected to a K570 running HPUX 11.i. The filesystem that was using the disk has been removed. Can I swap out of the disk with another drive from another Jamaica without bringing the system down? In other words, hot swap?

Points for any help of course. Thanks in advance.

Tom Ward_1
Honored Contributor

Re: A3311A Jamaica Drive hot swap?

Hello Quin,

Yes, you can swap the drive hot. Did you remove it from LVM as well? If not you can restore the volume and then restore from tape.

PartSurfer shows the drive as hot swap:
4GB Differential Fast Wide SCSI disk drive - (Part of A3643A hot-swap module, Part of A3647A disk drive)

A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: A3311A Jamaica Drive hot swap?

"Hot Swap" is generally defined as being able
to remove and replace a drive under power with no further human intervention being required. This implies a smart array of some kind.

The Jamaica is more properly termed "Hot Plug" in that the disks can be removed and replaced while "hot" BUT additional step must be taken to bring the disk back online. (e.g. LVM commands).
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