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A3311A Jamaica array for Linux

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A3311A Jamaica array for Linux

all gurus here:

I have been searching for months for a HA array that support access from 2 hosts, in order to build a cluster testing environment at home. (array like HP's xp256, SUN A1000/D1000/a5200). This HP Jamaica array come to my mind, here is the question:

1) If I put in a HVD scsi adapters (as the array is running on DF disk) to each PC, can 2 hosts be able to access the array from 2 PCs running on Linux? any additional driver for the array required??

2) anyone can recommend any HVD adapter for PC, other than AHA-2944 and AHA-3944 (which I may need to look for driver, as there is not any Linux driver from Adaptec)

like to know suggestion from all the experts here.

as a result of discontinued product, i can barely get any documentation from HP's web site. Suggestion in any form would be deeply deeply deeply appreciated!!!
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Re: A3311A Jamaica array for Linux

also one more question.

any one have any idea what kind of HVD SCSI this Jamaica array have? as I see there are so many type of HVD SCSI connector, say Fast Wide, Ultra SCSI, Ultra SCSI, Wide Ultra SCSI,

Again, thanks for any suggestion
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Re: A3311A Jamaica array for Linux

up for attention. help needed, thanks
A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: A3311A Jamaica array for Linux

This is really not an array but is rather a JBOD (Just a bunch of Disks) -- and yes you can connect this JBOD to 2 hosts. You would need to make sure that termination is enabled on the SCSI disk controllers and one host's controller should be set to SCSI ID 7 and the other host's controller should be set to SCSI ID 6 (the next highest priority device on the bus.) The JBOD would sit in the middle. You should also note that the A and B slots are on physically different buses so a short cable is used to daisy-chain the A and B sides together if you want all the disks on the same bus.

The other thing to note is that disk modules for this JBOD came in two flavors (SE-SCSI and HVD SCSI). The modules will have "SE" or "DF" labels on them. Do not mix the two on the same bus.

You didn't bother to identify your Linux flavor but my guess is that there is a Linux driver for an AHA-2944. When I am forced to deal with SCSI on PC's, Adaptec is my only choice. There aren't many HVD PC choices out there and a LVD/SE controller absolutely, positively cannot be used with HVD devices.
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Re: A3311A Jamaica array for Linux

thanks Clay Stephenson, your answer really great, clear lots of doubt that in my mind. really appreciate that!!.

I would use either RedHat AS or ES 3 to setup the testing environment. I agree with you, HVD made by Adaptec is the only choice I have now for PC. Hope driver is not an issue.

Again, thanks for your answer. it is quite clear to me now.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: A3311A Jamaica array for Linux

You may also find good PC adapters from LSI.


LSI makes some of the adapters in my HP-9000 systems. I've used them with Linux without any hassle at all.

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Re: A3311A Jamaica array for Linux

thanks Steven