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A3311A vs A3312A

Kim Kendall
Regular Advisor

A3311A vs A3312A

I have both models of storage arrays. Also, both are equipped with fast wide differential drives.

I know the 3312 is a high voltage, I'm guessing because it is necessary to support the longer cables for rack mounting.

The 3311 is a deskside unit. Is it also high voltage diff or is it a low voltage diff since it is less likely to need the longer cables?
David Bell_1
Honored Contributor

Re: A3311A vs A3312A


The A3311A and A3312A HASS (High Availability Storage System or "Jamaica" enclosures are identical with the exception mentioned. One is rack mountable and the other deskside.

You can install SE devices in either of these enclosures and connect to a SE interface providing you use a special SE (68-pin) terminator. Other than that, these devices are indeed for use with HV-FWD.


Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: A3311A vs A3312A

Jamaica has two separate SCSI buses, left and right (4+4 low profile), and they can work as independent, as daisy-chained. If you install SE device somewhere (for example, DDS3 drive) this bus becomes SE and you should connect it to SE SCSI HBA. If daisy-chaining whole bus should have all devices either SE (yellow SE label) or FWD (pink DF label) devices.