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Our company plan to buy a storage equipment A3312A,
I want to know what's the difference between this model and autoraid 12h?
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: A3312A


The information you are looking for can be found in this link.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Insu Kim
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Re: A3312A

Merely, A3312A is just bunch of disks and AutoRAID 12H is a disk array.

The key features of A3312A are,

?? Dual wide SCSI bus, either single-ended or fast/wide differential
?? Two redundant fan modules (shipped standard)
?? Two redundant power modules (one shipped, one optional)
?? Up to eight 1-inch-high, or four 1.6-inch-high slots

High Availability
The storage systems are optimized for high availability with the following features:
?? Dual SCSI bus
?? Hot pluggable, front-accessible modules
?? Redundant fan and power modules
?? Can mirror disks in the same storage system
?? Can be integrated with mirrored disks in an HP-UX environment with MC/LockManager and

On the other hands, HP AutoRAID 12H has,

-Redundant controllers - Reduce or eliminate downtime caused by failed controller equipment.
-Hot-pluggable components - Allow repairs with minimum interruption to currently running applications.
-Active/active controllers - Provide hot fail-over, keeping your data safe and available.
-Each controller in the array has visibility to all data on all disks. If a controller fails, the other one can take over operation of the array with no loss of data and without rebooting the system or restarting applications.
-Support for mirrored cache - Keeps a complete copy of all cached data on both controllers. If a controller or a controller cache fails, operations continue using the working cache and controller.
-Dual batteries in each controller - Allow failure of up to three of the four batteries in a controller pair with no resulting downtime.
-Online Capacity upgrades
-Automatic migration of data from RAID 0/1 to RAID 5 storage
-Support for HP-UX and NT
-Ability to mix and match disk drive capacities and speeds

Hope this helps,
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