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A3516A Array Error

Scott Craddolph
Occasional Visitor

A3516A Array Error

My array above is down and I cant get it to rebuild - I get the following:

Data on disk array on /dev/rdsk/c5t1d0
at dcmdw520 is unavailable.
Disk "SEAGATE ST32171N" serial number 4087630DQG
is reported missing by the disk array.
Data redundancy has been lost in disk array
on /dev/rdsk/c5t1d0 at dcmdw520.
Rebuild operation for disk array on
/dev/rdsk/c5t1d0 at dcmdw520 failed.

I originally got the above message with the failed drive when I removed it - I put in the new drive (actually 2 - I figured I may have got a bad drive out the box) - The rebuid failed and I still got the above message asking for the failed drive. We pulled the new drive - inserted the old - and now we're getting messages fot the new drive above - it's like the array is lookin for 13 drives.