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A5158A card on 11.11 box

Marty Hoff

A5158A card on 11.11 box

I've installed the fileset
FibrChanl-00 B.11.11.03 PCI FibreChannel;Supptd HW=A5158A
on the box, but I still don't have the num_tachyon_adapters kernel parameter in SAM and my disk array is not showing up in the ioscan output. I have a feeling I'm missing something on the software side of things, but I don't know what to look for. I do see the fiber channel card in the ioscan output, but not the disk array that is on the fiber hub.

Thanks for any help.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: A5158A card on 11.11 box

According to http://software.hp.com latest driver is "B.11.11.09", you can download it at http://www.software.hp.com/cgi-bin/swdepot_parser.cgi/cgi/displayProductInfo.pl?productNumber=FibrChanl00
If you see HBA in the list but do not see anything else then it does not necessarily points to software problem. It could be storage device configuration error (LUNs should be presented for the system), SAN connectivity problem (FC ports can not negotiate, incorrect zoning in switch is in effect) etc.
First of all take a look into FC HBA state
fcmsutil /dev/tdX
where X is a FC interface number