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A5856A RAID Controller Configuration

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Donovan Israel Murray
Occasional Advisor

A5856A RAID Controller Configuration


I have a RP5470 with two A5856A 4Si controller cards installed. This system is connected to a SC10 disk system.

Is it possible to configure the 4Si cards in a fail over fashion?. I want to eliminate the 4Si card as a single point of failure.

Much thanks guys.
Trevor Roddam_1
Valued Contributor

Re: A5856A RAID Controller Configuration

In short, No.

I've just helped a friend out who was having issues with the 4Si cards.
He had 2 of them and the only way to remove dependancy on a single card was to use the 4Si cards as RAID 0 and use Mirror-UX to mirror between the two 4Si LUN's created.

This is a true RAID 0+1.
That means loose a disk attached to both 4Si cards and loose your LVolume.
Not nice but it does have redundancy between the cards.
This was due to needing all the space.

You could do the same thing with RAID 5 or 3 to remove the sudden death of RAID 0.

A little complex but it does work, that is unless you are booting from the 4Si or don't have mirror-ux.
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