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I've got two machines connected to an FC60 by two brocades. The system works well, but sometimes the AM60Srvr dies and I receive an EMS notification of the fc60mon monitor. Then I execute /sbin/init.d/hparamgr start and it returns to be running without problems.

Can anybody help me to find what makes AM60Srvr die?
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Re: AM60Srvr

I can only suggest running amlog to ensure there is not an intermittant h/w failure on the array... amlog will get all error codes from the controllers.

Have a look at your syslog.log

You need also make sure spt drivers, fc drivers, array f/w and AR60 s/w is all at a works together level.

There should be readme's with the patch file.

You can search patch info here on the homepage. Click on individual patches and search for AR60Srvr for your OS.

It works for me (tm)
Insu Kim
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Re: AM60Srvr

Apply for the latest release of AM60Srvr patch, PHCO_23149 for HPUX 11.0.
If you take a look at patch text for PHCO_22196 carefully, you will find out that there is an entry which is "Am60Srvr dies intermittently"
And PHCO_22196 has been replaced by PHCO_23149.

Hope this helps.
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