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About OPEN-V on XP12000


About OPEN-V on XP12000

I heard about someone said that using OPEN-V is not stable on XP12000 disk arrary.Now we have a XP12000 disk array and also want to use 3D+1P OPEN-V ,does anyone can give me suggestion? thanks!

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Re: About OPEN-V on XP12000

Yes that's all we use on our Full blown (4ACP+4 Cabinets) XP12000. All of our Array groups are carved up as OPEN-V's BUT we're using 7D+1P configs to have more usable storage.

Our standard are 2/25/50GB OPEN-V LDEVS. The 2GB LDEVS are chunks of array groups that are at the "outer edge" since they're supposed to be faster (if at all this is to be believed) and we use them for Oracle redos.

Dont worry about remnant space you can use them ater on.
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