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About pairdisplay (Raid Manager) output

José Enrique González
Frequent Advisor

About pairdisplay (Raid Manager) output


I'm not sure it is the best place to post it, but I couldn't find one closer matching. I apologize in advance.

When executing pairdisplay -g to see information about BC pairs (primary-secondary) I'm getting two pairs with output like this:

vgboss dev-dat2(L) c3t9d0 0 40057 171..P-VOL PSUS,40057 259 W
vgboss dev-dat2(R) Unknown 0 40057 259..S-VOL SSUS,----- 171 -

I'm concerned about "Unknown" status, as the BC secondary volumes are being used for offline database backup. What does it mean? How it can be fixed, if wrong? Thanks a lot plus one for your comments