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About snapshot (Business Copy) in EVA

Regular Advisor

About snapshot (Business Copy) in EVA

What is the snapshot&snapclone function in EVA? How to enter the licence of the snapshot into EVA?

Thanks your advice in help...
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: About snapshot (Business Copy) in EVA

A snapshot is a 'pointer-table' copy of the parent virtual disk. Blocks that have not been altered are shared by the parent and snapshot. If a block is updated, then a copy is saved away and the pointer-table is updated, so that the snapshot stays consistent.

A snapclone starts like a snapshot, but the storage array is making an internal copy. After the copy is done, the snapclone is a new, individual disk that is no longer tied to the parent.

When you order a license you receive a piece of paper with a 'transaction number'. You take this number and the EVA's WWNN and request the license key through a web page - details are on the paper.

You enter the license through one of the 'agent options'.