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Access vDisk on MSA 2000fc via NFS

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Plamen Ivanov
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Access vDisk on MSA 2000fc via NFS

Hello to all,

I have a problem I don't know how to solve. I have a MSA 2000 fiber channel array. I have a several vDisks on it. I couldn't find a way to access one of it via NFS. Via administrative web interface I couldn't find a way to configure it. I have a connection to storage via LAN and FC. Is there a way to access vDisk on this sorage via NFS? Can I do this via LAN card or via FC card? Do I need to buy something for MSA or software? I want to create filesystem on one Vdisk and access it via NFS from server.

Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: Access vDisk on MSA 2000fc via NFS

MSA 2000 FC is not meant for NFS access. You can access the vdisks from MSA through FC HBA only.

You can assing the LUNs to any Unix flavour machines and configure NFS services over there and can access the volumes through NFS.

The same can also be done if we have windows storage server.

The LAN interface on the MSA is only for management console.