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Accessing VA7400 LUNs from a Windows 2000 server

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Accessing VA7400 LUNs from a Windows 2000 server

Does anyone have the step by step instructions on giving a Windows 2000 server with an HBA card access through a fibre channel switch to the LUNs on a VA7400. I am using Command View SDM with Secure Manager. I can tell you what I have done.
I have created the LUNs and with Secure Manager added the WWN name to the access list with write access. I do have a LUN 0 created and have accessed several LUNs from an HP L2000 server.
One thing to note. When I am in Secure Manager and click discover hosts the WWN number for the Compaq Windows 2000 server does not automatically show up. When I click add hosts and add the hostname it says this host has not WWNs. I have everything configured on the switch that gives the Windows 2000 server access to the VA7400 zone.
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Re: Accessing VA7400 LUNs from a Windows 2000 server

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