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Add Disks to SAN EVA 3000

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Add Disks to SAN EVA 3000


I am originally Oracle DBA and in my new job I have been assigned the duties of Unix Admin also. And the first thing I got is Adding more Disks to prod (73GB) and Dev (146GB) Disk groups. Is there any document available which tells how to add disks to SAN.

Any Input is appreciated.

Dave La Mar
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Re: Add Disks to SAN EVA 3000

Inder -
Adding disks to an EVA is, in most shops, a job for HP. When the HP Customer Engineer comes in to add the disks, stick close to him/her and get an education on managing the EVA. This is not a job normally entrusted to a rookie SA and you will have VG work to perform at the HP-UX level in order to use the new availble space.

Best of luck.


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Rene Mendez_4
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Re: Add Disks to SAN EVA 3000

Hello Inder

1.- How many enclosure (boxs) have
2.- How many disk are 73GB
3.- How many disk are 146GB

Actual protection (single, double)disk

Install physical disk for type in colum (for performance) exaple:

73 73 73
73 73 73

73 73 73 146
73 73 73 146
73 73 73 146

Install disk one for one (waiting few minutos) for each disk.

I find a document for this taks

Ken Grabowski
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Re: Add Disks to SAN EVA 3000

Hi Inder,

You may already have unused space in your EVA 3000 which is available to give out to your attached host systems. If not, then you should buy disk and have an HP qualified installer add disks to the EVA.

Here are the documentation links for the use and planning of the EVA SAN. Look them over good and then decide what it is you need to do.

I would also suggest a quick course on how to use the EVA. Something like "U4879 Managing HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array" would be appropriate.

If you just have to allocate more space to a host from the EVA, it can be done real time without affecting the EVA or the host system. However, if this is your first time, I would suggest a good backup of all the SAN attached systems, and an off hours project to add the space.

Best of luck to you.
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