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Add HDD to a RAID 5 array

Occasional Visitor

Add HDD to a RAID 5 array

I have a RAID 5 (Smart Array) with 3 HDDs.
The RAID5 is almost full and I need to increase it.
Can I add just a HDD with the same size?
If yes, what is the procedure?
Derek Parmenter
Frequent Advisor

Re: Add HDD to a RAID 5 array

The answer is pretty much yes, however there are some old Smart Array's (very old)which do not allow this, what array controller do you have.

Also are you looking to expand your volume or add a different volume ?

What o/s are you running ?

Also what is your disk layout ?

If you let me know these questions, I should be able to give you the answers.

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Re: Add HDD to a RAID 5 array

Hello Derek,

- The controller is a HP Smart Array 5i
- There are 3 HDDs of 36GB
- I use RAID5
- 2 partitions exist (C:=OS and D:=Data)
- I run Windows 2000 Server
- I need to expand the existing partition D:


Cameron Todd
Regular Advisor

Re: Add HDD to a RAID 5 array

Did you get an answer to this?

Your specs look fine.

Add another drive of same size and expand away using your ACU tool.
George Maycott
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Re: Add HDD to a RAID 5 array

I have a very similiar situation, DL350, Smart Array 532i and three 36gb drive. I added in a 4th and used ACU to extend the Arrary. The ACU now shows all the space you would expect from 4ea 36gb drives. The OS, W2k SP4, shows the original logical drive and then a 36gb unallocated space available. What is the trick to getting the logical drive to merge with the unallocated space, yielding the entire array with all 4 drives? Simply reboot, add partition, convert to dynamic disks, 3rd party utility?