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Add a disk to Raid 5

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Add a disk to Raid 5

I have a Ml370 G2 , Smart Array 431 ,Raid 5,3 In Array B and 2 In Mirror on windows 2000 server Sp4.
My question is i have another disk that i want to add to array B without lose any data.
If u can stap by stap.

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Re: Add a disk to Raid 5

Simply add the disk while the server is up. You will only be presented with 2 chioces, RAID0 or add to Array B RAID 5.
Get yourself a SmartRAID users guide, downloadable from HP support
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Re: Add a disk to Raid 5

Thanks for the answer , but

Where can i get the SmartRAID users guide.

If u can give me the link.

Bostjan Kosi
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Re: Add a disk to Raid 5

Use the integrated Array Configuration Utility Help file to get instructions. If you installed the server using SmartStart, under Programs the are HP System tools or something like that, inside there is Array Configuration Utility. A WEB based tool to manage your Smart Array Controller.
On the hp.com youll find also ACU users guide


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