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Add a single bus or dual bus MSA30 to MSA1000

Darryl Vezina
Occasional Visitor

Add a single bus or dual bus MSA30 to MSA1000

Hi there,

I have the HP MSA1000 Cluster package with High availibility option (Dual everything). What I want to do now is add an MSA30 to the mix to expand my storage.

I would like to configure the MSA30 similar to my 1000 by mirroring bay 1 and bay 8, bay 2 and bay 9, etc... and migrate some of my Exchange DBs over to a new LUN.

My ultimate question is this: Should I get a MSA30 SB or DB?; and can I see all of the drives (bays 1 thru 14) in this config to achieve my requirements set out above?

If I get a DB, I'm limiting my future expansion of shelves (as I understand it) but increasing redundancy. If I get a Single Bus, I'm reducing redundancy but increasing expandibility.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: Add a single bus or dual bus MSA30 to MSA1000

Hell Darryl,

you cann add one MSA30 DB to a MSA1000 or two MSA30 SB. If you want to use a split scsi bus, as you use it already in the MSA1000, you need to connect one MSA30 DB. In this case you can't add an additional disk enclosure! The MSA30 DB needs both scsi ports of the MSA1000.

Another way is to mirror between enclosures. You can take a MSA30 SB and you distribute the disks through the enclosures. AFAIK distribute the Smart Array controllers the member disks of RAID 1 LUNs over the attached boxes. The Smart Array do a RAID 1+0 and it always pairs disks out of different boxes together. Example: 4 disks as RAID 1+0, 1. RAID 1 (disk 1, box 1 and disk 1, box 2) + 2. RAID 1 (disk 2, box 1 and disk 2, box 2), RAID 0 over both RAID 1.

In this case you can use MSA30 SB. I always use MSA30 SB and distribute the disks over the enclosures.

Hope that helps,

Best regards,
Best regards,