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Add disk module to VA7410

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Ron Levy

Add disk module to VA7410

I am attempting to add a disk module to a VA7410. (It is hooked up to a L-class ServiceGuard cluster.) Reading the instructions, it seems fairly simple.
This will be my first disk module to add to the VA7410, and so I'd like to hear about any gotchas anyone has found.
For instance, though we only recently purchased this VA7410, the Commandview SDM gui says that the firmware seems to be at level 00, while the manual I perused says I will need firmware level HP14 to install a DS2405. Is this correct?
And are there any tips for making sure my loops are correct to balance my redundancy groups?
-Ron levy
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Add disk module to VA7410

HP14 is for VA7x00, for VA7x100 firmwares are A000 and A100.
To check VA health use 'armdsp -a' command and look at its overall state (at the beginning of output) and warnings (at the end of otuput).
To balance disks across RGs simply calculate number of disks in odd slots (RG1) and even slots (RG2) and insert in slot (odd or even) where you'll find less number of drives.
Adding is really simple - insert disk and array will start balance (you'll see all disks activity). If not, then run 'armdsp -a' again and check if disk got included (depends on autoinclude option state and if this disk new or already have been used in another VA). To manually include the disk use 'armcfg -a'.
Gotchas.... Before inserting disk, make sure that VA is healthy. Upgrade firmware to A100 (call HP) and do full VA data backup. These are not critical, but you know to be safe when making changes to have one more copy of data