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Add luns to a LUN Group in secure mgr XP??

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Add luns to a LUN Group in secure mgr XP??

Hi There ,

We are having HP Xp256 and HP Xp512 disk arrays in our SAN. We are using HPUX 11i.

My questions is
1) Is it possible to add additional LUNS to an existing LUN group in secure manager XP. Basically I need to extend a LUN group ..which is allready secured to a host. Now I need to add additional disk space to the the LUNgp. SO is it possible to add additional luns to this allready secured lun group or should i put the new luns in new LUN group and then secure it to the same host.
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Ming Zhao

Re: Add luns to a LUN Group in secure mgr XP??

Absolutely you can. The Only thing you need to remember: If you already created a LUN group, you can't add new LUNs to this group, you have to add new LUNs to specified CHIPs(such as 1A,2A...). Or you remove existing LUN group and create a new one.


Vincent Fleming
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Re: Add luns to a LUN Group in secure mgr XP??

I'm trying hard to remember the details of the UI for those arrays... hmm...

You should be able to assign the LUNs to the port(s), and when complete, the Secure Manager UI should start. From there, pick the port you are configuring. It should show in 2 parts (upper and lower). One is host groups, the other LUN groups. In the LUN groups window, there should be the new LUN(s) you just assigned. Hitting "groups" (as I recall) will show the LUN groups available. Pick the LUN group you want, then the new LUN(s), then hit "add".

That should do it for you.
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Re: Add luns to a LUN Group in secure mgr XP??

What Vincent described is the UI for XP256. The UI for XP512 is quite different, at least the newer version. So LUN Security will not be a separate application that is started automatically when you assign your LUNs to the ports and click OK, instead it will be a separate tab within the same window. In the GUI for XP256 you can definitely add new LUNs to existing security groups. Although logically there is no reason why this wouldn't be possible in the new GUI as well, and HP engineer recently told me that it is not and that you always have to create a new group. I think it is a good policy to do that anyway, in order to keep track about different times you added LUNs to a certain host.

-- Stanislav