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Adding 2 drives into MSA30

Jeffrey F. Goldsmith
Super Advisor

Adding 2 drives into MSA30

I have an MSA30 that has two channels and I have 7 hard drives on each channel. They have been setup as a RAID 10. I have been running out of space so I thought I would purchase two more drives and install them into the two empty slots. After making the decision to purchase the new drives I realized that since the existing drives on the first channel have been striped and then mirrored with the drives on the second channel that I might not be able to add the new drives without any pain.

Does anyone have an idea of how I could add the new drives without having to rebuild the entire volume?

Thanks for your help with this.
Clarete Riana
Valued Contributor

Re: Adding 2 drives into MSA30

Do you want the new drives that you add to be a part of the same RAID10 volume that you already have? Or are you looking at creating a new volume with just the two new drives?

If you are looking for the first option, then yes the entire volume has to be rebuilt.

If it is the second option then the first volume will be undisturbed.