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Adding Disk to NetRaid 3Si

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Occasional Contributor

Adding Disk to NetRaid 3Si

Hi all

Currently, we have a LC2000r server with a controler NetRaid 3Si with an array of 3 disk 18 Go.

We just bought 2 disk for expanding this array.

Is it possible to add these disk to the existant array without breaking the configuration ( novell 5.0 with SP6a ) ? Our provider resonse us to use an additionnal server for migrating all the data then rebuild completely the server.

Note: we want only 1 novell volume with 5 disk and not 1 volume with the 3 disks and an additionnal volume ( mirrored ) with the 2 new disks.

If somebody could response me, these will be great for us.

many thanks

Honored Contributor

Re: Adding Disk to NetRaid 3Si

Hi Juillard,

It depends on how the controller's vertual sizing option was set at the time of Netware installation
If VERTUAL SIZING was disabled during installation then YES you can add those two new drives and expand the capacity
However, if VERTUAL SIZING was enabled at the time when you install Netware then NO you can't expand the capacity and as your provider said you have to backup reconstruct and reinstall OS then restore from backup.

To check if VERTUAL SIZING is Enabled or Disabled you can Boot to CTRL + M to netraid Express Tools or run Megamgr in the consol screen if you have it installed
Once you are in netraid Express Tools
Go to Object/Physical Drive/Properties
then you should be able to see how the VERTUAL SIZING is set (what matters is how the controller was set during installation as I said before)

If vertual sizing was disabled when netware first installed then here is what you do to expand capacity with out affecting the existing data
(I still recommend to make a good backup, to begin with, just to be on the safe side)

To expand the existing capacity you need MegaMgr installed (to check if you have it installed or not switch to the consol screen and type MegaMgr and press ENTER, If you got the Netraid Express Tools then you have it otherwise you can download and install it from this link
1. Download and extract it in to a floppy
2. Insert the floppy in the netware server and run the following on the consol screen
(Unless you wanted to manage more than one server with this utility choose No when you are asked for Registry Server Also you can bypass the password option too)
3 Once the installation is complete Run MegaMgr in the consol screen which will give you the Netraid Express Tools
(The Netraid express tools you got here is a bit different from the one you will get by pressing CTRL + M on boot which doesn't have the capacity expansion option--So make sure you are in Netraid express tools through MegaMgr)

Here is a link that shows a step by step procedure to expand the capacity

Follow the steps under
Capacity Expansion

You can add only one physical drive at a time so if you are planning to add two physical drives in the array you have to do this process twice

I hope this helps

Do not hesitate if you have any question

Amgha Kassa
Occasional Contributor

Re: Adding Disk to NetRaid 3Si

Hi Amgha

Many thanks for your reply. I'll apply what you said and keep you inform about the results.

I have just one complementary question : After this manipulation, i'll have 2 netware partitions and 1 one expanded netware volume. Is there any difference about the amount of whole usefull capacity between this solution and the solution to reconstruct all the logical array of 4 disks for example ( when adding just 1 disk ).

Many thanks

Occasional Contributor

Re: Adding Disk to NetRaid 3Si

Many thanks to Amgha KASSA because the procedure he sent to me, worked finaly : i could add 1 17go disk to my novell server without re-installing it.

Many thanks Amgha