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Adding HDD to Storage Works on Windows 2000

Kevin Lutz
Occasional Visitor

Adding HDD to Storage Works on Windows 2000

We have a Storage Works Disk Array with 7 (72 GB) drives connected to a Smart Array 5302 with 128 mb of ram that has a Windows basic volume installed. We are going to add 7 more 72 gb drives and would like to know if the using the ACU software to expand the array will work and what, if any problems have been experenced.
Thanks in advance!
Christian Schwartz-Søre
Regular Advisor

Re: Adding HDD to Storage Works on Windows 2000

You can expand the array using the ACU. It will take some performance out of the array, and it will also take some time to complete the expansion, all depending on the raid level and rebuild priority. But it works. Nevertheless, always have a valid backup of your data, just in case.
You cannot extend your logical volume under Windows 2000 when it resides on a basic disk, however unless you convert it to dynamic or install Veritas Volume Manager, or HP StorageWorks Virtual Replicator.