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Adding Hard Drives to Netserver LH4

David Johnson_7
Occasional Visitor

Adding Hard Drives to Netserver LH4

What is the best practice?
I have an HP LH4 running WNT4.
2 18GB drives in a raid array
They are divided into two drive letters C:(4GB) And D: (14GB)

I want to add 4 9GB drives to the system. Should I:

1. Add the 3 drives and make one array (not sure about mixing 9 and 18GB drive together...) then restore from backup.


2. Add the 3 drives, Raid them together and assign a new drive letter for more storage space.

What is best practice?
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Theo Hill_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding Hard Drives to Netserver LH4

Mixing different drive sizes, cause them to use the lowest common device. So the 18GB would then only use 9GB of their capacity. You are better off creating a new array with the discs, and adding a new drive letter.