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Adding a CU

Marco Eckes
Occasional Visitor

Adding a CU

How can I add a CU to the configuration of the XP1024? The problem is that i have only two CU's and i want to create some additional CU's.
But I can not find the right place in the Command View to do this.
I hope someone can help me?!

Thanks and regards
Marco Eckes

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding a CU


what is a CU?

Julian Perez_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Adding a CU


An LDEV number is assigned to each logical space created by disk drive emulation, and the Control Unit (CU) in the XP array is a logical entity, not a physical one.

So, the LDEV is known by its CU:Device Number (ID):

e.g. 0:FF or 3:00 or 2:BC

This is the format used in the configuration displays for the LDEV.

Each CU has a limited number of LDEV available, so for this reason I think the only way to increase number of CUs in your array is increasing capacity or upgrading (adding another frame, for example).

Best regards,

Keep the faith
Bill Rothanburg
Trusted Contributor

Re: Adding a CU

You don't really 'create' a new CU. What happens is that CommandView is restricting it's display of luns to those CU/LDevs that are associated to a specific volume on a disk group.

When a disk group is installed, the assignments of the volumes to CU's happens then.

Also, when you create a new volume (CVS or OPEN-V CVS) from CommandView, you decide which CU/LDevs to assign from those that are unassigned.

Marco Eckes
Occasional Visitor

Re: Adding a CU

First thank you all for your help.

Bill is right.
You must assign a SSID to that CU you want to use and which is until now unassigned.
When this is done you can see the CU in the Volume Management of the CV.

Best regards,