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Adding additional Drive Enclosure to array

Mark Marshalko
Occasional Contributor

Adding additional Drive Enclosure to array

Server : Proliant DL580, Controller Smart Array 5300 - Enclosure 4414R

We currently have the above configuration, and have ran out of bays to add additional drives. We have an extra 4414R enclosure available. When we install additional drives in the new inclosure can these drives be part of the same stripe set as the initial drives, or do we need to create a new stripe set?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding additional Drive Enclosure to array

if the new enclosure is connected to the same SmartArray controller like the first one, but just on a diferent bus, then this is no problem. You can extend (or was that expand? I always confuse the two) your existing disk array with new disks and then expand (or was that extend?) the logical disk in the array, provided that you are within the controller's limitations for disks and logical disks sizes, which I don't remember and cannot find out easily at the time.