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Adding another drive cage: plain old Compaq Proliant ML-530.

Gregory D. MELLOTT
Occasional Contributor

Adding another drive cage: plain old Compaq Proliant ML-530.


I'm trying to keep an old Compaq Proliant ML-530 in running (I actually rounded up two of them). I've had pretty decent luck so far! Gimp (Linux Image Software) was having some trouble with a large file. [Not Kosher I'm sure for warrantied stuff.>] Yet after using Silicone Dielectric* Paste on all the contacts on it, it straightened right out and runs error free, as far a I can tell. I could use the stability that a properly running server should have. I take care of old cemetery records and there are plenty of active ownership records back to 1904; so you can see, I need some dependibility.
Anyway, what am I looking at trying to get a bit more HD RAID storage on it. It has a SMART 3200 controller. What is the maximum HD size it can take? Does it take a firmware upgrade to get that? From what I've heard, it takes a SCSI Ultra wide 2 80 pin drives. (Do later model 80 pin SCSI have backwards compatibility? I'm only familiar with EIDE stuff. Not even really gotten into SATA.) The largest drives I've heard it can take is about 32GB. I'm sure I need a different SCSI cable to add another drive cage as the present one only has one connection at the end. Where does one round them up at?

I appreciate any valid response, as I'm quite poorly informed at this point.


Gregory D. MELLOTT

*I can only find it at NAPA at a price I can afford.