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Adding disks to 12H autoraid

Chris Zimo
Occasional Advisor

Adding disks to 12H autoraid

I will be adding two used disks to my 12H AutoRaid. The disks have been formatted from the company that I purchased them from. My plan of action is to add one disk at a time to the array. I have the auto-include feature enabled, however I read in the AutoRaid manual that a disk used by another system will be marked "Previously used" and will not be automatically included by the array. Since the disks have been formatted and all previous information on the disks has been erased, will the disks still behave as if they were used, and not new? Will the auto include feature work, or will I have to include the disk with other means of action?
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding disks to 12H autoraid

Hi Chris,

the disk should automatically get included into the disk array. You should not have to manually add the disk to the array if the auto include feature is enabled for the disk in the array.

Hope this helps.

Paula J Frazer-Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding disks to 12H autoraid


I will depend upon how Auto Raid decides as to "Previously used".

I would very much believe that you will have to manually add these disks.

This may help:-


And This:-


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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Adding disks to 12H autoraid

Hi Chris:

If auto-include is enabled and if the disks have been formatted then you probably will not have to do anything but insert the disks. However, even if you must go through the manual include, it is no big deal and can be done entirely from the front panel under the Disk Changes menu.
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Chris Zimo
Occasional Advisor

Re: Adding disks to 12H autoraid

Is there a way to tell if the disks are being auto included or not from the array control panel?
Kevin Lamb
Frequent Advisor

Re: Adding disks to 12H autoraid


I had the same problem on my 12H, the disks had previously been used and were stated to have been formatted; however when I placed the disks in the raid the LCD showed a warning.

All I did was to manualy include the disks from the front panel and let the raid rebuild, once this was completed the disks were available for use.

Honored Contributor

Re: Adding disks to 12H autoraid

Disks are only marked as previously used when they have been pulled out of another autoraid with different controllers.
If they have been formatted, an not reinerted into an active 12h then they'll include to the array without intervention.

You can active the disk by the disk changes menu of the 12h control panel
arraydsp -i
(to get )
(no options) to see if the disk was automatically included or not.
arraycfg to include a disk by CLI.

It works for me (tm)