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Adding disks to Smart Array

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Markku Rintala
Occasional Visitor

Adding disks to Smart Array

I need to add two disks into running Proliant server. Where could I find instructions to that?

I have a ProLiant ML370 G3 server with SA 532 Wide-Ultra3 RAID -controller and two 36.4 GB Pluggable Ultra320 SCSI disks. RAID level is 1.

The two disks are now devided into three logical drives (C, D and E). Operating system Windows 2000 server is located on C.

I have purchased two similar (36.4 GB Pluggable Ultra320 SCSI) disks in order to add them to the array. The new space would be devided for logical disks D and E.

Where I could find pretty precise instructions to configure the RAID controller and add the new disks into it? I haven't done that before, and there is only few hours to do the thing.

Thanks in advance!
- Markku
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding disks to Smart Array


This doc should suffice... http://h200002.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00142272/c00142272.pdf

It has the basics in it. You will probably also need diskpart.exe. Info found here http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;325590

Basic steps...

1. Insert drives into drive bays.
2. Expand Array with addition drives, one at a time.
3. Extend Logical drives (in ACU) one at a time
4. Use Diskpart.exe to extend Windows Volumes after Logical Drive Expansion is complete.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
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VCP (ESX2, Vi3, vSphere4, vSphere5)
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