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Adding disks to an FC60 diskarray.

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E.J. de Vroom
Occasional Visitor

Adding disks to an FC60 diskarray.


Currently there are 8 harddisks (18.2Gb)installed in the FC60-Diskarray (2 LUN's - RAID5)) and we would like to add additional 4 harddisks (1 LUN - RAID5).
This will add an additional 50.8Gbyte and we need an additional 23Gbyte.
The server is an HP9000/N4000 running on HP-UX11i.

Currently installed:
Manufacturer and Model = SEAGATE ST318404LC (18.2Gbyte)


1/ Is it possible to add a LUN with 4x 36.4Gb harddisks ?
2/ Can you assign the LUN to an existing Volume Group ?
3/ Can this all be done with a minimal amount of downtime ? (One reboot can't hurt).

4/ Just a question to get more insight: can you even add 4 different disks in the LUN ?
Not that we will do that, but normally mixing disks in a RAID system is possible and it will work according the smallest and slowest disk.
Is this true for the FC60 diskarray too ?

Thanks in advance,

Erik Jan de Vroom
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding disks to an FC60 diskarray.

Hi Erik,

1. Yes it is possible to add a LUN with 4 x 36.4 GB HDDs.
2. Yes you an assign by go through the normal LVM procedures like pvcreate, vgextend ....
3. Yes. One reboot is required and enough if at all you need to addin new SC10 Disk Enclosure with FC60.

4.Yes. As you said the RAID will work according to the smallest disk.

hyun-seok kim
Frequent Advisor

Re: Adding disks to an FC60 diskarray.

1. Yes, Online
2,3. Yes, Offline related volume
check vgdisplay -v
Max PV,Cur PV,Total PE (not to exceed 65536)
4. May b YES..
UNIX for all