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Adding more Ldev's to horcm files for BC

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Adding more Ldev's to horcm files for BC

I need some help as I am trying to add 10 Ldev's to my Primary server and obviously 10 Ldev's to the Backup server. Does any one knows the procedure after updating both horcm files, Do I have to do paircreate or pairsync ?
to synchornise the two horcm files.
I have horcm01.conf on the Prim server and
horcm02.conf on the Backup server.

Thanks a lot

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Insu Kim
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Re: Adding more Ldev's to horcm files for BC

You need to shutdown RM instance running on each node and restart it to reflect changes made.

On the primary and backup server,

I wonder if you put additional Ldevs with different "dev_group" name under HORCM_DEV section.
If so, you need to do a paircreate for the new "dev_group" only but before doing this, you have to set environment variables for BC operation.

# export HORCC_MRCF=1
# export HORCMINST=n
n is the value of the RM instance.
# paircreate -g -vl or -vr

vl means local, specifies the volumes defined by the local RM instance as the primary volumes.
vr means remote, specifies the volumes defined by the remote RM instance as the primary volumes.

That is, on the primary server, if you do "paircreate -g -vl", the volumes listed on horcm01.conf will be the primary volumes and ones on horcm02.conf be the secondary volumes.

If you put 10 Ldevs with the same "dev_group" name, my opinion is to do a paircreate again for the "dev_group".
I haven't done this before with the same "dev_group" name.

Hope this helps,
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Re: Adding more Ldev's to horcm files for BC

I am re-opening this old thread because I am in the same situation as the one who posted this question. I need to pair around 15 new LDEV's to the already existing device group (CA XP). I will be updating the horcm files and bounce the raid manager instance. Can I just issue paircreate to the device group or use the option to specify LDEV's for each LDEV?