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Adding new Array with New OS

Paul Carroll_2
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Adding new Array with New OS


Hope this makes some sense and doesn't sound too stupid.

I have a large data server which I want to upgrade from NT to 2003 without having to restore all data.

Current setup is Array A with 3 logical drives RAID5. Array has been expanded twice previously thus 3 logical drives. These logical drives have been volume extended in NT. There is system partition and data partition

I want to add 2 mirrored disks and install new OS on them thus hopefully being able to keep existing Array intact.

If I do this what will the new mirrored array become array A or B and will I be able to build OS onto it, boot and see the old system and data partitions?

If I am removing the OS which extended the volume will it still be 'intact' under 2003, I'm not sure if it's working at hardware/software level or both.


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Re: Adding new Array with New OS

Your question on the extended partitions is a good one, but I am guessing yes, but I am interested if others have a definitive answer.
It is a great plan for upgrade. ANd the even greater thing is that you can just try it. Installing the 2 new disks and creating the RAID 1, it will become the next array or "B" as you stated. If you have a partition manager available (we have one available in our tech support area) I would hide your original NT partition from the new install so it does not attempt to right anything there or "Upgrade" (we have seen XP do this even if you select to install in unpartitioned space / a new drive. It can still, by default, use some the existing OS's directories and cause some problems, in an attempt to keep your existing settings and setup).
Install the new OS and see if it sees all you data partition. If it does not, you can always remove it and go back (unhide the partition if you hid it) to the original NT with no effects.
If you do not get a definitive answer here and you try it, PLEASE post your results for us and others.
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