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Adding new drive

Andreas G
Occasional Visitor

Adding new drive


at a DL380G2 with integrated 5i controlller i want to add a hotspare disk to a raid1 array. i use 18,2GB U3 disks.
When i will add the new disk i get an error (not enough space on disk)! I can see, that the volume is 2MB smaller (17361MB instead of 17363MB). What's the reason for this problem and how can i get a solution?
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding new drive

The disk you are inserting seems to be just a little bit smaller than the existing drives. This can happen if you are using a drive that's a different model number than the existing drives.

Even though they are rated at the same capacity, all drive models are slightly different, and vary a little in actual capacity.

You need a drive that is at least as large as the existing drives - otherwise, it does not have enough space to fit the data, should the spare be needed.

If the drives are the same model (which can happen), try to have the 5i controller reformat the drive. It's capacity is dependent on it's format as well.

Otherwise, you will have to get another drive.

Good luck,

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Andreas G
Occasional Visitor

Re: Adding new drive


I also tried this with 5 different disks (also 2 with same serial#). The capacity of all these drives are smaller than the configured array.

Greetings Andy